Car Servicing

Eye Car Care are able to offer car servicing in Peterborough for all makes and models of car.

Please call for further details.

MOT Testing

We are able to offer MOT testing for Peterborough residents from our brand new MOT testing facility in Eye.

If you are looking for MOT testing in Peterborough and surrounding areas then look no further than Eye Car Care.

Buy Car Batteries - Replacement Batteries for vehicles in Peterborough

Eye Car Care's lead acid car batteries are built to the highest standards. They are manufactured, in most cases, to correspond with car manufacturer?s requirements and specifications.


Provided the right car battery, in the right condition is used for the right application, the number of battery problems encountered will be minimum. All car batteries have a finite life span, which is governed by the conditions under which the battery operates. Car battery failures caused by sulphation, wear and tear, or deep cycling are not manufacturing faults and are not covered by a guarantee.

It is important to remember that under normal operating conditions, a car battery cannot become discharged on its own. The reason for this discharge is normally attributable to:-

  • Malfunctioning alternator, regulator, or starter motor
  • Slipping fan belt
  • Electrical fault
  • Excessive use of electrical consumers - car phones, air conditioning etc
  • Long standing time without recharge
  • Boot light/glove box malfunction
  • Vehicle lights being left on

If a car battery is consistently used/left in a discharged condition, it will eventually reach a condition where even a prolonged recharge will not return to its original condition. This is classified as deep discharge/undercharging and is not a manufacturing fault

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